May. 6th, 2009

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It's been raining and cloudy since...I don't even know when. Sometime last week, I'd wager. Monday we had a tornado watch and now we're under another tornado watch. I love rain. I love drizzly, misty, foggy, cloudy weather. But I'm ready for a sunny day.

My mom and I went shopping today in Lynchburg and we got the cutest shoes and skirt for graduation on Saturday.

Speaking of graduation on Saturday, PLEASE DON'T RAIN. I want my graduation out on the mall, not in the gym. It hasn't been held in the gym in many many years. So please, don't rain.

Graduation is in 3 days, and my birthday is in ten. Wow. Things are really creeping up fast.
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I have an irrational fear of tornadoes. But I thought these tornado watches were a little, hmm, let me just say I wasn't taking them very seriously. But apparently there was a tornado just east of Keysville. That's barely 15 miles from here. Ah~ Now there's a huge line spanning the entire length of Virginia and only a county away from Charlotte. Gosh. I love and hate thunderstorms. Tornado watch was posted early and it ran out at 9 PM, but it was renewed and it expires at 4 AM. I think I'm going to go listen to my iPod, read and ignore the storm. Why do storms scare people? It's bizarre.


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