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Okay, on Tuesday one of the embarrassing things was I walked in on a faculty meeting of the Criminal Justice and Anthropology department. I ran into Dr. Jordan at the door. I swear we had a Lambda Alpha meeting, but apparently they changed it to today. So yes, I walked in on the faculty meeting. Que flustered Sarah who wants to curl up in a corner and die because I hate drawing attention to myself like that.

I had Dr. Jordan this morning, the first time I have seen him since Tuesday afternoon. Sometimes he calls on people (okay, he often calls on people) to read something out of the book that's prevalent to what he wants to discuss. Well, he called on me to find a section about copper tools this certain Indian tribe use. So I'm flipping through the book and then...Dr. Jordan tells the story.

"Listen to this. The department of Criminal Justice and Anthropology were about to start a faculty meeting. The head, Dr. Brian Bates, was at the podium about to start. And in walks Sarah, who thought there was an Lambda Alpha meeting. Instead of finding friendly undergraduates, she was faced with the mean faculty members. She walked in five steps and looked up to find us and stopped frozen. I thought she was going to faint right there *points to the floor*. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" She kept saying. She got as red as she is now. Pull your hair aside, Sarah."

Yeah, I had my head down, and my hand over my face. Because I'm so pale, when I blush, I get insanely red. When I lifted my head, several people went "awww". Haha. Oh Dr. Jordan. I swear, I think he pitied me on Tuesday. But it is a really funny story. I was still really embarrassed about it, but when he told the story, I realized how funny it actually was and I'm not so embarrassed about it. I find it more amusing than anything else. (Though, I still am really embarrassed about it.)


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