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Best thing I've seen all week *_*

epic fail

Feb. 17th, 2009 09:35 pm
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After searching around for what's wrong with my iPod, I've found I have the "White screen of death" syndrome. I'm currently trying to restore it in hopes that that will work. If not, there's nothing I can do but send it off to get fixed and have a new LCD put in it. Which costs an arm and a leg, so won't be doing that. Almost four years and I've never had to do a restore. Sigh. Please please please work. I'm tired of not having a working iPod. I have a power walking class, and music makes it pass faster and makes it more bearable.

When Dr. Coles handed out the exam today, every fact flew out of my head and I stared at the exam in blank confusion. There's no way I got better than a C. I hope I can still make it out of that class with an A. That would be a nice parting gift, I think. I know I didn't do well with the fill in the blank and multiple choice. Identify....that's up in the air still. On the fourth and last one, (which I skipped to do my essay) I had to fly through it. No way I got above a four on that one. Essay question.... hahahaha. "Discuss the major acts, events and players until the Tea Act". I might have mentioned two major figures. But I got all the acts down...in the right order. Maybe 80% right on the dates, haha. Ugh. Not looking forward to getting that thing back.

Lambda Alpha, which I usually enjoy, was great tonight. A new guy was there today, and was really nice and funny. Mary was back. Even though she was supposed to graduate last semester. I feel bad, but I'm glad she was still there, haha. One complaint though. As much as I love Dr. Jordan. He wouldn't stop grabbing my elbow when talking to me or putting his hand on my shoulder. I don't mind when people do that, but I was just in a mood for it and it felt really awkward. I kept inching over to my right (because he was sitting next to me, kinda. We were at a table and he was to my diagonal left) and almost ended up in Dan's lap. Bah~ oh well. We didn't even get to discuss Kelly's article. We're going to do that on the third of March's meeting.

Sigh. iPod doesn't look fixed so far. And I don't have $300 for a new one. I'm so upset.
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I went through my first car wash today. Yep. Forgot to roll up my window as I was going in and got blasted with water. I really need to start thinking before acting.

Today was my first lecture for my phed class. My health class = scariest class full of doom. I'm going to die at a young age. And also, apparently out of 300 people per semester, only 5 or so people get A's. I will be one of those people.

The nicest lady was behind me in Wal*Mart today. That just made my day.

Laptop is broken. iPod is 90% dead. No music on desktop, and I don't feel like burning CDs on here. Also, it's lagging, so I can't watch any dramas. Sigh. So it's sitting in silence, or listening to the radio, while studying.

Time to go change into comfy cloths and start my readings. I have to write up a prospectus for my French Revolution for next Monday, but I can't think of a topic to do. Ahhh....
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*is currently a big puddle of goo* I'm watching NEWS's Pacific Tour DVD and I just LOVE Shock Me vs. Devil or Angel. When they're facing each other at the end gets me. I have SUCH a thing for chorals and the like, so this makes me melt.

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Happy Kanjani∞ day!!!

(ah...how I so wished to use the pullout photo on my wall but it's so hard to scan because it's so big T__T But this one is nice.)

We'll never see 08/08/08 again. AND OF COURSE I WAITED UNTIL 8:08 TO POST.
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A big happy birthday to Takizawa Hideaki!

I respect and love Tackey oh-so much and I'm so glad I listened to Tackey & Tsubasa, for they were the first thing I heard from Johnny's Entertainment.

And because I love Tackey and Yamapi's relationship, my favorite picture of them together:


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