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I graduate from university tomorrow morning.




*is currently wearing her cap like a loser*

And I dunno how to do my silly hood to show the colors. ARGH....

Seriously, don't rain. I know you are forecast to. But just don't, or Imma come up there and tear apart those clouds by hand.

omgosh so scared
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It is now 4:14 AM and I have just finished my French Revolution paper!!!!! I can actually get some sleep!!!! I just have one more read through and then I'm finished. I'm actually a little proud of this paper. I'm not sure how good it is, but I like it.

I realized earlier that both my history research papers were on retreats. (Senior thesis - Mao's Long March; French Rev - Napoleon's retreat during the Russian Campaign of 1812.) I do wonder what that says about me. When researching my French Rev paper, I read some pretty sad things, though. In one diary, the author wrote that, "I could not get even a piece of meat and my hunger became too violent, I took along a pot I carried, stationed myself beside a horse that was being shot, and caught up the blood from its breast. I set this blood on the fire, let it coagulate, and ate the lumps without salt." So sad. And gross. I would have perished long ago.

epic fail

Feb. 17th, 2009 09:35 pm
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After searching around for what's wrong with my iPod, I've found I have the "White screen of death" syndrome. I'm currently trying to restore it in hopes that that will work. If not, there's nothing I can do but send it off to get fixed and have a new LCD put in it. Which costs an arm and a leg, so won't be doing that. Almost four years and I've never had to do a restore. Sigh. Please please please work. I'm tired of not having a working iPod. I have a power walking class, and music makes it pass faster and makes it more bearable.

When Dr. Coles handed out the exam today, every fact flew out of my head and I stared at the exam in blank confusion. There's no way I got better than a C. I hope I can still make it out of that class with an A. That would be a nice parting gift, I think. I know I didn't do well with the fill in the blank and multiple choice. Identify....that's up in the air still. On the fourth and last one, (which I skipped to do my essay) I had to fly through it. No way I got above a four on that one. Essay question.... hahahaha. "Discuss the major acts, events and players until the Tea Act". I might have mentioned two major figures. But I got all the acts down...in the right order. Maybe 80% right on the dates, haha. Ugh. Not looking forward to getting that thing back.

Lambda Alpha, which I usually enjoy, was great tonight. A new guy was there today, and was really nice and funny. Mary was back. Even though she was supposed to graduate last semester. I feel bad, but I'm glad she was still there, haha. One complaint though. As much as I love Dr. Jordan. He wouldn't stop grabbing my elbow when talking to me or putting his hand on my shoulder. I don't mind when people do that, but I was just in a mood for it and it felt really awkward. I kept inching over to my right (because he was sitting next to me, kinda. We were at a table and he was to my diagonal left) and almost ended up in Dan's lap. Bah~ oh well. We didn't even get to discuss Kelly's article. We're going to do that on the third of March's meeting.

Sigh. iPod doesn't look fixed so far. And I don't have $300 for a new one. I'm so upset.
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Dear Wintry-Mix Precipitation God:

I would like that mix you're supposed to bring. Please don't turn to rain. However, if you're going to bring ice, I would like for it to be either a lot (enough to close the university down) or keep the roads clear. I don't want to drive on icy roads. Please bring the former.

Sincerely yours,

On a side note: I got the first episode of Mei-chan no Shitsuji to play on my computer. SO MUCH LOVE. I love it. I love it. I love it. I really hope the other episodes are as good. I giggled and snickered through the whole episode. Except the end, where I got teary. Mukai Osamu with white hair really reminds me of the other swindler in Liar Game. Tanimura Mitsuki (Aww, I really warmed up to her in Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu) seems like a really really interesting character, and how different! And Mizushima Hiro is just awesome. So is Sato Takeru (!!!!). I didn't know Iwasa Mayuko was in it. <3 I love her. She was my favorite character in Ganbatte Ikimasshoi. I could go on and on about it.

And apparently I'm bored.


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