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Happy Kanjani∞ day!!!

(ah...how I so wished to use the pullout photo on my wall but it's so hard to scan because it's so big T__T But this one is nice.)

We'll never see 08/08/08 again. AND OF COURSE I WAITED UNTIL 8:08 TO POST.
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I think it's really funny (not funny ha-ha) when you're watching something and you see in the background that gas was $1 something. (Woo, prices went down this week and it's $3.55 at Sheetz. I can't believe I'm excited over that T___T) I was just watching season five of 24 and this came up:

"How dare you stand there and judge me. You have no idea until you sit in my chair, you don't know what the hell your talking about."
"Your chair is not a throne, Charles."
"I'm protecting the interests of our country."
"You mean oil."
"Yes. Yes! This country needs energy more than anything, you or anybody in this gridlock country cares to admit. We'll see how you judge me when the cost of oil goes up over $100 a barrel and the people who put me in office can't afford to heat their homes or run their cars."

In 2006, it was around $60-75. It's hit $147 in the year 2008. And today's is a little less than $120, just because the storm warnings have eased. Now we're getting into Hurricane Season, I expect it to skyrocket some more. But it's always funny to watch old (even just a year old) things and you see things that were cheaper (especially gas since that fluctuates so so much.)


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