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zahlreich zu tun damit kleine zeit....

I had my last class ever today. It was very bitter sweet. I was looking forward to the day being over, because that meant my presentation was over. But I'm not looking forward to graduating (Providing I don't fail anything).

Presentation went well, I guess. I got a lot of good comments from my classmates. A lot of "Great presentation! =D" and "Maybe a little too much information, but great info!" Which I knew. I had to rush through my last three slides. But I finished. I didn't really explain my thesis too well, because I mostly focused on the background. A girl wrote on her critique asking if I could email her my presentation because she wants to do some more research on my topic! I was so flattered. The beginning of Communism in China is really interesting, though. *nods*

Exams are next week. I have two on Monday I'm not prepared for at all. So I'm going to be spending all my time this weekend doing that and fixing up my thesis, which is also due on Monday. I have to read a book and write a review about it for Monday. I'm going to try and read it all tonight. It's a shorter book, about 150 pages, so I should be able to do it. But seriously, so much to do so little time to do it.

Let's all say "HELLO SPRING!" It was gorgeous today. There's a smell of flowers everywhere and even though it was a little hot, it was so lovely.
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I present my senior thesis tomorrow.


I got an A on my Folklore presentation last week. Maybe my luck will hold and I'll do well tomorrow.

But I have ten minutes and twelve slides and a lot of information. And I'm still getting over my cold and my voice is still weak.

And it's my last day of classes ever. I'm so sad.
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It is now 4:14 AM and I have just finished my French Revolution paper!!!!! I can actually get some sleep!!!! I just have one more read through and then I'm finished. I'm actually a little proud of this paper. I'm not sure how good it is, but I like it.

I realized earlier that both my history research papers were on retreats. (Senior thesis - Mao's Long March; French Rev - Napoleon's retreat during the Russian Campaign of 1812.) I do wonder what that says about me. When researching my French Rev paper, I read some pretty sad things, though. In one diary, the author wrote that, "I could not get even a piece of meat and my hunger became too violent, I took along a pot I carried, stationed myself beside a horse that was being shot, and caught up the blood from its breast. I set this blood on the fire, let it coagulate, and ate the lumps without salt." So sad. And gross. I would have perished long ago.


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